Department of Computer Radio Engineering and Technical Information Security Systems



Professor of the Department of Computer Radio Engineering and Technical Information Security Systems, Member of EMC, Member of STC, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor, Senior Researcher

Education and Career

In 1974 – finished the Kharkov institute of radio electronics (KIRE) on speciality radio engineering, qualification radioingener.

In the Kharkov national university of radio electronics works: by engineer (1974 – 1975), junior scientist (1975 – 1985), senior research worker (1985 – 1996), by the associate professor of the department ORT (1996 – 2003), by the professor of the department ORT (CReTISS) with 2004 for the present tense)

In 1984 a scientific degree is awarded candidate of engineering sciences, speciality 05.12.04 – «Radio-location and radionavigatsiya»;

In 1989 the scientific rank is appropriated of senior research worker, speciality 05.12.04 – «Radio-location and radionavigatsiya»;

In 2001 scientific rank associate professor on the department ORT;

In 2004 – scientific rank professor of university (HNURE) on the department ORT

In 2020, he was awarded the academic title of professor on the department CRISTZI

Educational activity

Teaches disciplines: bases of radio electronics, defence of information from loss on the technical channels, methods and tools of defence of information, defence from the technical secret services

Research activities

In 2012-2014 scientific guidance of NIR № a 266-5 «Measuring of dynamic parameters of atmosphere on heights 80-100 km on the signals of the televisional broadcasting»

International activity / participation in international projects

In 1996-1999 scientific researches on the international program INTAS-96-1669 «Experimental and Theoretical  Investigation of Tide Modulation by Planetary Waves » as a responsible performer.

In 2006 and 2010 years scientific guidance by internship and research work on projects №05/05899  and A/09/96888 under aegis German service of the academic exchanges DAAD

State Awards

Recipient of an award by the breastplates of MON Ukraine:«Відмінник освіти України» (2002 г.), «Петро Могила» (2006г.)

Publications and patents

Author more than 115 publications, including two patents,  to one monographs, textbook and train aid with the vulture MES Ukraine