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Year of birth of the department – 1946.

The birthplace is the radio engineering faculty of the Kharkov Electrotechnical Institute.

The first head of the department was Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR A. O. Slutskin. Since 1950, the faculty came under the “wing” of the KhPI, and the department was headed by prof. S. Ya. Braude. Created ionosphere station. Among the participants in the event are Assistant B. Kascheev, graduate students E.Proshkin, V. Tolstov.

In 1956, at the department a new head – associate professor B. L. Kascheev. With it, the arrival of a new scientific direction – the study of meteoric phenomena in the atmosphere of the Earth by the method of radiolocation. The department takes part in many international geophysical projects. Created Balakley field laboratory (1957) and problem research laboratory of radio engineering (1958). In 1968-70, scientists of the department work as part of the Soviet Equatorial Meteor Expedition (Somalia).

Since 1986, the Department of ORT is headed by Prof., Dr.Sc. Yu. I. Voloshchuk. In 1997, it was merged with the department of “Technical Electrodynamics and Antenna”, which was headed by Prof., D.Sc. Ya. S. Shifrin. The research and training center of technical electrodynamics and antennas has been transferred to the department (Director, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor V.M. Shokalo).

Since 1997, the united department of fundamentals of radio engineering has been headed by V. M. Shokalo. Increased attention to the development of new specializations to solve the most pressing problems at the junction of computer and radio technologies. As an example, two can be cited: “Internet Technologies for Designing Radio-Electronic Means” and “Information Protection Systems”. Graduates receive the qualification “Engineer of Radio and Television” with the following levels: bachelor, specialist, master.

The structure of the scientific and educational center (NCT) of the department includes Balakleysky research ground KNURE. In 2004, the multifunctional geophysical complex located there for studying the atmosphere and the influx of meteoric matter was recognized as a national treasure of Ukraine.

The scientists of the department publish textbooks, manuals. Among them are: “Signals and processes in radio engineering” by Yu.I. Voloschuk, “Fundamentals of the theory of circuits” by Yu. A. Koval, L. V. Grinchenko, and I. A. Milyutchenko, “Electrodynamics and propagation of radio waves” V.M. Shokalo and A.M. Rybako, “Handbook of Antenna Engineering”, which embodied the results of many years of research by prof. Ya. S. Shifrina and prof. A.I. Luchaninov.

NUC ORT consists of four laboratories – according to the scientific directions of the department: information and measurement systems; radio astronomy, geophysics and remote sensing; antenna theory and technology; information security systems.

The Department is a recognized leader in radar meteor surveys in the Earth’s atmosphere, meteor communication, the study of the dynamics of the earth’s atmosphere, the development of time and frequency synchronization systems, as well as studies of antennas with nonlinear elements and wireless transmission of microwave energy.

The scientific management of the scientific and educational center of the ORT department within which, since 1958, all research and development work related to the school has been conducted by B. L. Kascheeva, the head of the ORT department, D.Sc. Professor V.M. Shokalo. Leadership of individual areas is differentiated.

The geophysical direction was headed by the Oleinikov brothers: Candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor A.N. Oleynikov led research on gravitational waves in the atmosphere, and Ph.D., Associate Professor V.N. Oleynikov – robots that are associated with the circulation of the atmosphere. The direction that concerns the study of radio wave propagation in a meteor channel, including the issue of checking the separated standards of time and frequency scales, was supervised by Dr. Sc., Professor Yu. A. Koval.

For the first time in the country, the radar meteor system MARS was created, unique orbital data of more than 250000 meteoroids were obtained with simultaneous registration of the number of meteors, a system of meteor communication and a system of high-precision verification of time scales were created. In the 90s, a new direction is being developed – the study of the dynamics of the movement of air masses in the tropotostratosphere using an automated wind locator.

The scientific reserve of the department received international recognition. In honor of the meteoric researchers of KhTURE, the minor planets are named: KhTURE (2001), Kascheev (1999) and Voloshchuk (2002). These two outstanding scientists together with the staff of the department carried out a lot of work on the development of theoretical and experimental base of meteoric research. The entire creative journey of the Honored Worker of Science of Ukraine B. L. Kashcheev is inextricably linked with the history of the formation of the scientific school of meteor radar from its very beginning. In the development of meteor astronomy and modern methods of interpreting the observations of meteors as astronomical objects, a large role is played by Yu.I. Voloshchuku. Under his leadership, together with the fundamental robots, topical applied research was conducted on the assessment and study of meteoric and asteroidal hazards to the Earth and spacecraft.

Under the guidance of prof. A.I. Luchaninov created the theory of a new class of antennas with nonlinear elements. Based on many years of fundamental research, the formed scientific school of the theory and technology of antennas. Its founder is an outstanding scientist in the field of radiophysics and applied electrodynamics, Ph.D., professor Ya.S. Shifrin, laureate of the Prize of the Presidium of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. A.S.Popova. Thanks to the efforts of Ya.S. Shifrin, in the early 1990s, the Ukrainian National Association “Antennas” and the East Ukrainian Branch of the International Association of Radio Engineers were created. Research prof. A.I. Luchaninov, prof. Ya.S. Shifrin on the study of antennas with nonlinear elements led to the development of numerous applications of the general foundations of this theory.

The leading scholars of the department, in particular, B.L. Kashcheyev and I.S. Shifrin, were the organizers of prestigious international conferences. The scientific arsenal of the department is represented by hundreds of articles in reputable publications, reports that are included in the works of international and domestic conferences, forums, symposia; thorough monographs, the number of which reaches several dozen. It includes many patented inventions.

The results of the studies of antennas are included in the directory of antenna technology. In 2002, a generalizing monograph “Remote Methods and Means for Studying Processes in the Atmosphere of the Earth” was published under the general editorship of B. L. Kashcheyev, E. G. Proshkin, M. F. Lagutina.

The scientific subdivisions of the department have established themselves as active and responsible executors of a huge number of research works – fundamental and applied, organizational and design.