Department of Computer Radio Engineering and Technical Information Security Systems



Professor the Department of Computer Radio Engineering and Technical Information Security Systems, Member of the Specialized Scientific Council, IEEE Life Senior Member, Doctor of Science, Professor

Education and Career

1962 – Kharkiv State University (KSU)  A.M. Gorky,specialty “Radio Physics and Electronics”.

1962-1963 г – post-graduate student KSU,

1963-1965 – post-graduate student  Kharkov institute of mountain mechanical engineering, automatics and computer engineering,

1965 – the senior teacher of department “Antenna-feeder devices”,

1967 – PhD

1972 – the associate professor of department “Antenna-feeder devices”, KhIRE

1975 – the rank of the associate professor of department “Antenna-feeder devices”, is appropriated,

1999 – the professor of the department “Foundation of Radio Engineering

2005 – the doctor of Sciences, a speciality 01.04.03 – Radio Physics

2007 – the rank of the professor of the departmen – “Foundation of Radio Engineering” – since 2017 “Computer Radio Engineering and Systems of Technical Protection of the Information is appropriated

Educational activity

Lectures courses: Antennas and SHF devices, Designing of  a microwave devices, Microwave devices of information networks, Antennas of systems of technical protection of the information, Antennas with signal processing

Research activities

2014-2015 – the supervisor of studies state budgetary R&D “Creation of technologies of construction a multifunction radio engineering complex for ecological monitoring”, № state registration 0114U002697

Member of specialised academic council Д 64.052.03 on protection doctor’s and master’s theses, the member of editorial board of magazine “Technology and designing in electronic equipment”. The supervisor of 5 PhD and 2 doctor of sciences .

Research interests: Antenna Theory and Design, Microwave Devices

State Awards

2001 – High achiever of Ukraine education


The author and the co-author more than 150 publications, including 2 monographies